3 Types of Dance Classes Your Child Could Take

3 Types of Dance Classes Your Child Could Take

3 Types of Dance Classes Your Child Could Take

6 April 2021
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When parents think of enrolling their children into dance classes their minds often go straight to ballet, and while that is a very popular option, it is not the only choice your children have when starting out dancing. In fact, there are quite a few different varieties of dance that they could try out and see which one suits their personal preference the best. If your child is eager to go out and try dancing, then ask them what they might want to focus on and maybe try them out in a few different courses at the start. Here are three different popular alternatives to ballet that are offered in many dance classes across Australia.

Tap Dancing

Tap dancing has taken a backseat to ballet in recent decades, but it is still a very popular form of dance that has its own unique strengths and attributes. Tap dance classes perhaps require the most precise amount of timing out of any of the different variations of dance, but they also offer a fun element: the sound of the tap-dancing shoes! For children especially, this can be a major drawcard and it interests little boys and girls who would otherwise not really consider this pathway so it can be a great entry into the discipline. 

Hip Hop

This is perhaps the area of dance that boys are most often interested in, at least to begin with. Hip hop dance is full of great little accentuated movements and dance moves you really will not see in any other class and exploded in popularity in the mid-2000's thanks to a bunch of popular films. If your child is very keen on trying hip hop dance classes but you are on the fence about it then go and have a look at one or two classes. You will see it is all very tame and kid-oriented while the kids still practice good essentials. 

Jazz Dancing

Jazz is a very popular style of dance that is very expressive, energetic, and holistic, in that it encompasses movements from all over the body, which means your children get to move their bodies and grow stronger every time they go to class. Because of its more upbeat tempo and exciting music, many children end up preferring jazz over ballet once they have tried both. It is a lot more light-hearted, so jazz dancing is ideal for kids who just want to enjoy themselves while also learning great core skills.

For more information, contact various studios that offer dance classes. 

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